Boxing & Supersack Operations Process Improvement

Posted on July 30, 2013

Our Client wanted to look at the current process flow for the boxing operation in order to increase production. The boxing operation was the process of filling boxes with plastic resin.

Reason for Project:

  • The Client was concerned that the boxing operation was not being utilized to the fullest potential. They were looking to increase the amount of production from this process.

Project Deliverables:

  • Time studies were used to develop an updated procedure for the boxing operation.
  • A series of opportunities were developed/provided for improving the operational capacity and efficiency.

Project Results/Benefits:

  • Productivity Increase: By combining the process and having the two operators work simultaneously, the amount of boxes processed per hour could be increased by almost 200%.
  • Capacity Increase: If the amount of resin that the hopper (machine that feeds the boxing operation) holds could be increased by 2.5 times the current amount, the boxes could be produced at a faster pace.