Case Studies

Welcome to Epicenter Development Group’s Case Studies page.

We are proud of our experiences and would like to share them with you. Below are a variety of studies from many different industries. Contact us if you would like to learn more about how Epicenter could make you a successful case study.

Facilities/Master Planning and Design >>

USSTC – FEL1 Study - 23 Oct 2013 - USSTC was evaluating their current sites for company business continuity and projected growth or 5 to 7 percent for the next 10 years. USSTC decided to hire an outside engineering consulting firm ... read more >>

Food Industry – FEL1 Study - 31 Jul 2013 - Our Client was evaluating a new site for company business continuity and projected growth of 5-7% for the next 10 years. Reason for Project: Our Client decided to hire an outside engineering co... read more >>

Vehicle Manufacturing – Paint Line Process Improvement - 30 Jul 2013 - Our Client was expanding their paint line and required facility planning for warehouse design, workstation layout, and capacity analysis. Reason for Project: An outside engineering consulting g... read more >>

Petrochemical Industry – Maintenance Shop Complex Layout - 30 Jul 2013 - Our Client was evaluating several new locations for a new maintenance shop complex. The new complex would allow them to have machine shop and heavy craft personnel under one roof. Also, the new comple... read more >>

Industrial Engineering >>

Food Industry – Throughput Increase - 2 Sep 2013 - Our Client was experiencing a high production loss due to various process issues. The current operations were profitable but seen as inefficient.  In addition, the product yields were limiting their ... read more >>

Energy Industry – Improvement Plans for Existing Facilities and Systems - 1 Aug 2013 - A rapidly expanding confidential client required assistance with improving existing systems and developing new capacity. Reason for Project:  Efficiency gains through improvement of existing s... read more >>

Food Industry – Sanitation Process Study - 31 Jul 2013 - The client is a multinational food manufacturing company.  Due to production demand increases at their Ohio canning facility, the staffing had shifted from third shift (sanitation) to first and secon... read more >>

Glass Industry – Dock Capacity Improvement - 30 Jul 2013 - A multinational glass manufacturing company's export sales had grown significantly over the past few years. As a result, the workload associated with preparing outbound shipments had risen exponentia... read more >>

Roofing Materials Manufacturing Downtime Study - 30 Jul 2013 - The client designed a new production facility in Milan, Ohio. All of the Narrow roll equipment was new and designed to required specifications. After the production line was up and running, they disco... read more >>

Construction Materials Industry – Delay Study Increasing Production - 30 Jul 2013 - A leading manufacturer and marketer of premium-quality building insulation, commercial roofing, roof insulation, and specialty products for commercial, industrial and residential applications.was exp... read more >>

Boxing & Supersack Operations Process Improvement - 30 Jul 2013 - Our Client wanted to look at the current process flow for the boxing operation in order to increase production. The boxing operation was the process of filling boxes with plastic resin. Reason for ... read more >>

Time Studies - 30 Jul 2013 - The Client had a need for transparency in their manufacturing process that would allow them to better manage their production throughput and costing procedures. There was a lack of documentation with ... read more >>

Food Industry – Reducing Downtime and Increasing Throughput - 30 Jul 2013 - Our Client  was experiencing an excessive amount of downtime during the launch of a new Plate Freezer System. Reason for Project: The Start-up Team was working hard to minimize/eliminate downt... read more >>

Consumer Goods – Process Improvement - 28 Jul 2013 - Epicenter's client owns several floor care brands.  This project was focused on their Distribution Center (DC) in Northeast Ohio.  This DC fulfills orders of replacement parts and finished goods f... read more >>

Lean Systems Design >>

Motorcycle Manufacturing – Paint Shop Kaizen - 25 Sep 2013 - A Midwest motorcycle manufacturer was experiencing inventory and throughput issues in the Inspection and Finesse Area of their Paint Shop.  Reason for Project: Epicenter was invited to partici... read more >>

I.D. Images Future State Plant Layout - 30 Jul 2013 - I.D. Images was experiencing a significant amount of growth. The current operations were profitable but seen as inefficient. In addition, the company was spending an increasing amount of money and tim... read more >>

Trench Shield Manufacturing – Value-Stream Mapping - 30 Jul 2013 - A manufacturing firm that produces high-quality trench shielding products. Its company growth over the past few years had led to increases in inventory levels, and it was concerned about the lack of ... read more >>

Organizational Development >>

OBCDC Greenhouse Revitalization - 3 Oct 2013 - OBCDC was interested in having our team “conduct a needs assessment for the redevelopment of sustainable greenhouse production.”  The intent was to essentially develop a business case for the dev... read more >>

American Red Cross- Strategic Planning - 1 Oct 2013 - The Business and Industry Council for Emergency Planning (BEPA) had recently completed a SWOT analysis to evaluate its status as an on-going resource for the Greater Cleveland area.  At that time the... read more >>

FFr – Product Launch Process Review - 1 Oct 2013 - Due to the large and growing number of new product projects in the “pipeline”, FFr wanted to find a way to improve their speed-to-market cycle for new products while maintaining their high custo... read more >>

Simulation Modeling >>

Distribution – Facility Outbound Simulation - 31 Jul 2013 - The client was in the process of rebuilding their distribution center operations. We modeled the entire outbound process from the workstations for picking, kitting, and auditing to the dock doors.  A... read more >>

Food Industry – HME Kitchen Simulation - 30 Jul 2013 - The Client's Iowa facility will be testing the new Homogenized Milk Emulsion (HME) Technology as a way to produce a base sauce that will save cost, reduce quantity of ingredients, and improve the nutr... read more >>

Agricultural Equipment – Paint System Simulation - 30 Jul 2013 - One of our clients, a manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment, had an existing combine component paint system which was not able to keep up with their projected sales. As a result, the... read more >>

Bob Evans Farms, Inc. Compression Layout - 30 Jul 2013 - Bob Evans was evaluating the design of a new compressed restaurant layout concept. Reason for Project: Bob Evans wanted to evaluate the design of the new concept using their base simulation m... read more >>

Mimi’s Cafe HP Kitchen Model - 29 Jul 2013 - Mimi’s Café had a need to use simulation modeling as a tool for enhancing and evaluating the existing design and decision-making process.  Bob Evans, the parent company of Mimi’s Café, is a pub... read more >>

Bob Evans Farms, Inc. High Performance Kitchen Model - 29 Jul 2013 - Bob Evans is a publicly traded restaurant and retail food products organization with operations across the country. Historically, kitchen operations improvement efforts have been developed through t... read more >>