Simulation Modeling

Simulation Modeling

High Impact Kitchen Model

Ask “What if?”…  and get answers before you disrupt your current operations or commit to a new capital investment. Epicenter’s staff has been using computer simulation modeling as a collaborative tool for over twenty-five years.  Our technical expertise in simulation modeling in conjunction with our background in systems design and problem solving allows us to leverage the value of these tools for our clients.

  • Validate the Design of New Operations
    • Identify Potential Design Issues
    • Clarify Team Understanding of How the New System will Work
    • Verify the Expected Performance of the System (throughput, efficiency, quality, lead time)
    • Refine the Conceptual System Design Before it is Implemented
  • Investigate Improvements to an Existing Operation
    • Pinpoint Current-State System Issues
    • Rapidly Evaluate Alternative “What-If” Scenarios
    • Consider Incremental Improvement Options
    • Present/Demonstrate Your Ideas for Final Approval

Current Simulation Modeling Packages Used: ProModel, Flexsim, Process Simulator, Witness, Simul8, eVSM, and FlowPlanner.

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