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Speaker Services

As part of our value-added services to our clients, Epicenter’s associates provide practical and relevant training on a variety of manufacturing and management tools and philosophies. The listing below represents a standard list of the speaking topics that are currently available.

Lean Thinking Topics

  • Lean Manufacturing Basics & Everything You Wanted to Know in Thirty Minutes Provides an overview of Lean Manufacturing.
  • 5S Basics & Everything You Wanted to Know in Thirty Minutes Outlines 5S (lean principals), soup to nuts. 
  • Value Stream Mapping Basics and Everything You Wanted to Know in Thirty Minutes Delivers an overview of the value stream mapping tool. 
  • SMED Set-Up Reduction and Everything You Wanted to Know in Thirty Minutes Provides an overview of the SMED set-up reduction tool.
  • How to Develop Facility Layouts That Support Lean Thinking Outlines characteristics of facility or office layouts that support lean-thinking principles.
  • Kanban Systems 101 Discusses Kanban material control systems, how they function and common pitfalls.

Process Improvement / Problem Solving

  • Creating an Ideal Environment for Problem Solving Reveals a process and the tools that can create the ideal environment for team problem solving.
  • Simple, Practical Tools for Creative Problem Solving Furnishes some simple, practical tools available for solving problems and being more creative.
  • Simulation Modeling for Test-Driving New Design Concepts Demonstrates how simulation modeling can be a useful tool for making better decisions.
  • Productivity Studies – Learn A Lot By Just Watching Reviews methods for capturing and using shop floor and office data to quantify and prioritize improvement opportunities.
  • The Excel Clinic (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced) Provides some basic instruction and a forum for using MS Excel to organize and analyze information.
  • Financial Analysis 101 Gives examples of basic Excel tools for considering capital and non-capital investments.

Project & General Management

  • How to Run Effective Meetings Discusses how to plan, prepare for, and run effective meetings.
  • E-mail DOs and DON’Ts Covers the uses and misuses of e-mail.
  • Presenting Information So That People Can SEE It Talks about how information can be presented in a meaningful way to your audience.
  • Effective Techniques for Resolving Conflict Addresses conflict in the workplace and some useful techniques for resolving disagreements.
  • You Can’t Ignore the Soft Stuff While You’re Working on the Hard Stuff Deals with the importance of addressing soft people issues as part of typical design projects.
  • Transforming Difficult Conversations Discusses a technique for enhancing your mastery of difficult conversations.

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 If you are interested in learning more about our speaker services, please contact Wiliam Proctor at 216-702-0952 or wproctor@epicentergroup.com.