Facilities Planning

Facilities Planning - Industrial Engineering Consulting | Epicenter - Flowplanner Picture

FlowPlanner – Flow Analysis Tool

Identify opportunities… for more efficient operations throughout your facility or in key areas.

  • Typical Facilities Planning Design Elements
    • Equipment Layout / Space Planning
    • Capacity Analysis/Planning
    • Material Flow Analysis
    • Storage Systems Design
    • Support Systems Design
      • Receiving & Shipping Operations
      • Material Handling Systems
      • Maintenance Operations
    • Architectural & Site Review (with Partners)
    • General Engineering Review (Electrical, Civil/Structural, and Mechanical Engineering)

Typical Benefits:

  • Streamlined Material Flow / Reduced Material Handling Costs
  • Increased Production Capacity & Space Utilization of Existing Facilities
  • Reduced Capital Investments to Support Current and Future Growth
  • Development of a “Roadmap” for Future Operations Growth (expansion, rearrangement, relocation)

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