Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Consulting Focuses on People… and the value-added activities of direct labor, indirect labor and equipment utilization.

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OEE – Capacity Losses

  • Plant, Office and Warehouse Studies
    • Labor Productivity (Fixed-Interval Sampling)
    • Equipment Changeover
    • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
    • Operator or Equipment Delay
  • Work Standards Development
    • Time Studies (Stop Watch & Predetermined Work Measurement)
    • “Best Practice” Labor Methods Design
    • Operator Instruction Sheets Design
    • Department, Assembly Line and Workcell Labor Balancing

Typical Industrial Engineering Benefits:

  • An enhanced understanding of how your operations are really working from an outside, objective viewpoint.
  • Staffing levels that are appropriate to your needs.
  • Standardization on “Best Practice” labor methods.
  • Significant improvements in labor productivity, plant capacity and quality.

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