The GreenRoom “Zone”

Have you ever been in a meeting when everything just clicked into place? Decisions were made, people were working together and, at the end of the meeting, you realized that you just did a month’s worth of work in four hours?

WE HAVE, and we call it the GreenRoom “Zone”.
Our GreenRoom Engineering process is about creating all of the things necessary to get into the GreenRoom “Zone” – the ideal environment where teams of people can design breakthrough solutions to the toughest problems. To do this, we bring together the best philosophies of team building and systems design and couple them with our expert knowledge around the development and use real-time, collaborative tools.

  • Effective teams develop more and better solutions than individuals.
  • Work environments energized by fun and experimentation break barriers between people and free creativity.
  • Vision and decision-making improve when people are put in a position to see information in new ways.
  • Stretch goals bring out the ability to innovate and reach high standards.
  • Ownership happens when people are engaged throughout the design process.

Your GreenRoom team includes key project stakeholders from your organization working together with one or more senior Epicenter experts. Our rigorous engineering tools and facilitation expertise integrate the technical and human aspects of workplace design.


  • High Speed Completion of Projects
  • Project Team “Owns” the Solution
  • Upgrading of Project Team Capabilities
  • Break-Through Solutions That Workgreen-room-logo-diagram1