Consumer Goods – Process Improvement

Posted on July 28, 2013

Epicenter’s client owns several floor care brands.  This project was focused on their Distribution Center (DC) in Northeast Ohio.  This DC fulfills orders of replacement parts and finished goods for their retail partners and several web retailers, including their own ecommerce business.  As consumer web orders have increased, the pick-to-ship cycle times and order backlogs have increased.

Reason for Project:

  • Our client desired to decrease their turnaround time in their small goods shipping department in order to increase efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce the need for temporary employees.

Project Deliverables:

  • Developed a list of inefficiencies in each area of the small parcel shipping department.
  • Presented a plan to address the inefficiencies and to restructure personnel scheduling to increase efficiency.

 Project Results/Benefits:

  • Productivity increased: Estimated parcel cycle time reduction of 40%.
  • Capacity increased: Estimated  elimination of order backlog – all orders to be shipped the day they are  received.  The client’s goal is to have orders out within 48 hours of receipt. This would allow them to double their business while still meeting their service goals.
  • Staffing Cost Reduction: Estimated reduction of two 40 hour/week temporary employees.